Ten Non-Sandwich Lunch Ideas for Kids

In America, the norm is to send kids to school with processed foods that are high in fat, sugar, and salt. According to experts, these unhealthy school lunches are a contributing factor to the childhood obesity epidemic. It’s time to make a change in the health of our children.  Here are ten non-sandwich lunch ideas […]

Feed Your Child’s Brain and Belly With These Delicious Brain-Boosting Foods

Picky eaters might be onto something. Studies show that the quality of food served during school lunch can affect academic success. Parents should prepare children for success with food to feed your brain. Take a look at this list of school lunch ideas that include a variety of brain superfoods. Foods that Feed Your Brain […]

School Lunch Delivery For Your Kid: How Does It Work?

In the US, the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) serves over 31 million children every day. While this is a federally-approved meal plan, it means kids only get the bare minimum when it comes to nutrition and taste. That’s not to say lunches on the NSLP are bad. However, if you want your children to […]

11 Kid-Friendly Soups Your Little Ones Will Actually Want to Eat

As a parent, you want your children to enjoy every part of the school day. From homeroom to dismissal, their body and mind should be in sync. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and hiccups are bound to happen. That’s why you should ensure the lunch provided to your kids is fresh, healthy, […]

11 Great School Lunch Sandwiches for Your Child

Healthy lunches are a great way to make sure your child has the energy they need to tackle the second part of their school day and perform to the best of their abilities. However, trying to get kids to eat what you pack them in their school lunches can be difficult, even at the best […]

A Sweet Surprise: 6 Healthy Desserts For Kids To Have At Lunchtime

“Food, glorious food. Cold jelly and custard.” Oliver made his preferred dessert famous in the song from the musical bearing his name. But not all desserts are born equal, especially when it comes to sugar content and calories. To help your kids eat better, you need a few tricks up your sleeve. They come in […]

The Benefits of Healthy School Lunches and How They Impact Performance

Regardless of your age, healthy eating goes a long way. As adults, we know the feeling of sitting in a meeting and not being able to concentrate because we missed lunch. Now imagine a child who has also missed breakfast and is waiting for lunch. Their concentration is off, and their energy and enthusiasm are lacking. Providing children with three […]

Goodbye Sad Cafeteria Food: School Lunch Delivery Service Offers Healthy and Delicious Meals Your Kids Will Love

Do you ever worry about the quality of food your child is eating at school? You might be right to. While many schools try to provide healthy and nutritious lunches for kids, in many cases they fall short. You may even consider sending your child off to school with their own packed lunch, but again […]

8 Benefits of Choosing an Orange County School Lunch Delivery Program

Students who consume a fast food lunch are likely to score lower on assessment tests than those who eat a healthy lunch. A study in 2012 further linked fast food to a decline in both math and reading scores. No parent prefers that their child has fast food on purpose. However, time and other constraints might […]

Immunity Boosting Foods to Help Battle the Flu Season

It’s official. This year’s flu season is now the worse we’ve seen in almost a decade since the swine flu pandemic; health officials said last Friday. The CDC reported fatal cases including the pediatric deaths of 37 children. If you think the season is almost over, then think again. According to the CDC, influenza activity […]