The Lunch MOB Now Offering Gluten Free Way Better Snacks

The Lunch Mob is proud to now provide a new gluten-free, non-GMO snack option in our school lunches! The Way Better Snacks brand unlocks nutrients through their unique method of incorporating sprouted seeds, beans, and grains. The Apple Cinnamon Spice Tortilla Chip makes for a nutritious, easy to digest, gluten-free, and not to mention tasty snack! We chose to add this snack option because it is perfect for accommodating children with celiac disease or other gluten intolerances so that they too can have a tasty treat. This delicious tortilla chip not only provides a gluten free option, but also provides big nutrition with the Way Better Snacks “simply sprouted” slogan. One serving is only 130 calories, but packs a nutritious punch by providing Calcium, Iron, and Vitamin A. They even have 2 grams of protein and fiber in this tortilla chip, while keeping sugar intake at a minimal 2 grams as well. At the Lunch Mob we want to ensure that every child has a chance to eat something that is delicious and healthy. It’s important for your children to be excited to eat and for you to rest easy in the knowledge that it is healthy and safe for them. We’re proud to offer this new and exciting snack to accommodate children with gluten-free dietary needs!

Updates to the Lunch Menu & Account Center – V2

We take feedback from our parents very seriously and we appreciate those of you who have helped us improve our account center and online order process through your feedback and input.

We are very excited to provide Version 2.0 of our online ordering service. Here are some exciting new changes we’ve implemented:

  • Refreshed account center layout and user interface.
  • We’ve developed and will continue updating our “Resources” on our resource center. Here you can find commonly asked questions, clear descriptions of refund and online ordering policies, and access FAQ’s.
  • We’re launching our new referral program with tracking so parents who help promote us receive discounts when other parents becomes a new customer and order.
  • We’ve made updates to our mobile app providing documentation on how to get started from the mobile app.


Valentine’s Day Lunch Ideas For Your Little Ones

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and kids love to celebrate. They get so excited picking the perfect Valentine cards to share with classmates, pawing through candy conversation hearts to find just the right messages for their friends, and making what seems like hundreds of construction paper hearts and taping them up all over the house.

With all of the excitement for Valentine’s Day being centered around the long-awaited class party, we decided to gather some fun and healthy Valentine’s Day themed school lunch ideas to keep the celebration going. Imagine how surprised your little one will be when they open their lunchbox to find these incredible edible delights.

Hearts Galore

You can turn just about any food item into a love-filled, heart-shaped morsel in about 2 seconds with a simple cookie cutter. You can purchase various size heart-shaped cookie cutters at dollar stores and have fun with this project without having to break the bank. Cut your child’s sandwiches, fruit, or even pizza into heart shapes and send them to school in your child’s lunchbox. They will have so much fun noshing on their Valentine cuisine and who knows, they just might share the love with a friend.

Say I Love You With A Special Note

We found these free school lunch printable notes that are just super adorable. These are better than your regular store-bought Valentine cards because there is space to write a personal note to your child. Imagine how special your kids will feel when they open their lunchboxes to find a unique, hand-written note from mom or dad. Just print out the cards, cut them apart, add your message and place in your child’s luchbox. And hey, who said you can’t use the extras on ordinary days throughout the year?

Candy For Lunch?

This is one of our favorite ideas. Take a large plastic heart-shaped candy box and remove the chocolates. (You may want to hide these in a safe place for when those chocolate cravings strike.) Fill each of the holes in the box with a nutritious food such as whole wheat cereal, banana slices, apple chunks, raisins, cheese crackers, or grapes. Kids love having choices and when you load the candy box with all of their favorite foods, lunch is sure to be a Valentine’s Day hit.

Heart-Shaped Hard Boiled Eggs

We loved the creativity that went into this next one. You’re kids are not going to believe how you were able to create heart-shaped hard boiled eggs. They will be completely amazed and you will be the hit of the lunchroom.  Not to worry, no chickens were harmed in the making of these hard boiled eggs. Just follow these simple instructions we found on and you are on your way.

Mini Muffins

Every kid loves mini muffins, so why not create some special muffins for Valentine’s Day? These would be great as an afternoon snack or in addition to a healthy lunch. Make a few extras and stash them away for later. Who says you can’t cash in on the Valentine’s Day fun too? The easiest way to create these muffins is to line your mini muffin tins with papers as usual, fill with muffin batter, and then place a marble between the tin and the paper to create the heart indention on the top of the muffin. Bake according to the instructions and voila, you have some crazy-cute muffins to share with your little ones.

As always, we would love to know what you think about this post. Feel free to leave a message in the comments section below and tell us which Valentine’s Day lunch idea was a hit in your home.

The Lunch Mob: Health Food Delivery In a Class Of its Own

Kids are known for having a sweet tooth and tend to reach for any candy and sugar in sight. Unfortunately, these candies that children love so much are high in refined sugars. These sugary treats can have a very negative impact on the oral health of children as they tend to consume them like their life depends on it. There are a variety of tasty, colorful, and healthy food options that can strengthen their teeth and improve their oral health. The Lunch MOB provides a convenient Orange County school lunch program option, cost effective meal delivery service that specializes in a provision of healthy, tasty foods, and ingredients that are packed with important nutrients and elements necessary for healthy growth and development of children.


  1. Citrus Fruits

The spokesman for the Academy of General Dentistry, Melvin Pierson, DDS states that different types of bacteria present in a child’s mouth can cause gingivitis, which is the first stage of gum disease. Citrus fruits which are high in Vitamin C such as Oranges, Lemons, Papaya and Strawberries annihilate these bacteria, while supplying needed collagen to the gums. While citrus fruits are essential for the child’s teeth, the fruits citric acid can temporarily deface the tooth’s enamel. This loss of enamel leaves the teeth susceptible to erosion caused by brushing. Dentists recommend that kids wait for at least half an hour before brushing their teeth after they have filled their stomachs with citrus foods or meals. The Lunch MOB, a Orange County school lunch program provider, specializes in only the best, carefully selected farm fresh fruits that are guaranteed to boost kid’s oral hygiene.

  1. Dairy Products

Cavities are caused by acidity brought about by certain starchy foods and carbohydrates like potatoes, breads, and pastas. These foods, once ingested, break down into sugars that feed oral bacteria in kids mouths that aid bacteria. Calcium, Phosphate, and Vitamin D, which are found in dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, or milk work themselves in with plaque and stick to the teeth. This in turn allows the nutrients to increase the Phosphate levels. The end result is the reduction of acidity, repair of damaged enamel, bone rejuvenation and reduction of tooth decay.

  1. Healthy Vegetables

Family Dentist, Jimmy Wuu, DDS of Santiago advises that vegetables are good for naturally scraping away the remains and remnants of plaque from the corners and hard to reach places of kids mouths. He also elaborates how these crunchy foods should be encouraged by parents because of how they mechanically cleanse the mouth when chewing. The Lunch MOB, the top Orange County school lunch program provider, takes care of the ordering, cooking, billing, delivery of these healthy meals effortlessly from a certified commercial kitchen. The meals are carefully wrapped with all the hygienic standards implemented and delivered in warm and fresh conditions. All their meals come with a beverage choice, fresh fruit, or vegetable a snack.

  1. Nuts and Seeds

Oils found in nuts and seeds primarily strengthen the teeth enamel making them more resistant to cavities. Pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower seeds contain the necessary active ingredients and also contain calcium which aids in the protection of bones.

  1. Sugar Free Gum

Saliva naturally loosens plaque while increasing the number of natural antibodies in the mouth. American Dental Association states that chewing on a piece of sugarless gum for more than 20 minutes after meals can help prevent tooth decay.

Unhealthy “Foods” to Avoid

Sugary and sticky foods only enhance damage to enamel and they can be controlled if not avoided. Some of these foods are

  1. Fruit drinks with high fructose syrup
  2. Bubble gum
  3. Raisins
  4. Sweets and hard candy
  5. Carbonated drinks and sodas
  6. Caramel and chocolate
  7. Potato chips
  8. Honey
  9. Taffy

If you are searching for a Orange County school lunch program, The Lunch MOB has over 60 unique scrumptious entrees of fresh salads, vegetarian dishes, and tantalizing fruits and health snacks. They offer a wide range of foods that cater for every taste bud and strive to always introduce new delicacies. Their meals contain no preservatives and are all handled by their well-trained team.

Kids’ Taste Test – Woodbury Elementary

“I love it, the meat is so juicy, the vegetables are fresh, and just overall delicious. Turkey burger is better than regular cafeteria food!” – One of our food critics from the 4th through 6th grade category

The results are in!

We had a blast at our first Kids’ Taste Test event at Woodbury Elementary last week. We let the children sample some of our classics: our Stuffed Turkey Burger, Asian Chicken and Quinoa Salad, Oven Fried Chicken With Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans, Homemade Granola Bars, Steak Quesadilla With Grilled Onions and Peppers, and our Veggie Lunch Wraps.

shown here: our asian chicken and quinoa salad

Want to know the results of which of our lunches the kids liked best?

Here’s the breakdown of which of our healthy school lunch options wowed these children the most, complete with comments of what they thought about each menu item. We loved their honesty and excitement!

We had two age divisions: Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-6. Here are the results broken down by age.

Grades 1-3

For the 1st through 3rd graders, the top 3 faves in order were: the Oven Fried Chicken With Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans, our Chewy No-Nut Granola Bar, and the Stuffed Turkey Burger.

Oven Fried Chicken With Roasted Potatoes and Green BeansOven-Fried-Chicken-and-String-Beans

Ratings: 11 Happy faces, 0 straight faces, 0 sad faces

Comments: “I love it.” “Good, good, good.” “Green beans not as good as chicken & potato. Potatoes were the best.” “Amazing!” “I love the crunchiness on the outside.”

Chewy No-Nut Granola Bar

Ratings: 10 Happy faces, 1 straight face, 0 sad faces

Comments: “Excellent! So Good.” “Really good.” “Chewy! My top favorite!” “So good!!!” “I love the sweet granola taste.” “This is good.”

Stuffed Turkey Burger

Ratings: 7 Happy faces, 4 straight faces, 1 sad face
Comments: “It’s really good! I think the vegetables are the best!” “I like the beef but I don’t like else.” “Good spinach & tomato.” “Delicious! I like the turkey best!” “I can only taste the turkey.” “The turkey & lettuce are healthy.” “I love it.”

For a complete list of the 1st-3rd graders’ ratings and comments for all six meals including our Asian Chicken and Quinoa Salad, Steak Quesadilla With Grilled Onions and Peppers, and our Veggie Lunch Wraps: click here.


Grades 4-6

For the 4th through 6th graders, the same three meals tied with the highest overall score. The top 3 faves in order were: the Oven Fried Chicken With Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans, our Chewy No-Nut Granola Bar, and the Stuffed Turkey Burger. Close after that was the Asian Chicken and Quinoa Salad and Veggie Lunch Wraps.

shown here: our veggie lunch wraps

They had a different rating system. The 4th-6th graders rated our meals based on three categories: Look, Taste, and Overall.

Here’s how they felt about their top three:

Oven Fried Chicken With Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans

These ratings were 1-5, with 5 being the highest.

Look: Five students gave it a 5, Two students a 4, Two students a 3 (an average of 4.3)
Taste: Five students gave it a 5 for taste, Two students a 4, Two students a 4 (an average of 4.3)
Overall: Six students gave this meal a 5 overall, Two students a 4, One student gave it a 3 (an average of 4.6)

What they had to say: “Great.” “A bit less fried maybe.” “The chicken is too bland. Potato was really good though. The green beans were good too.” “I like the chicken because it was crispy.” “Fried chicken was amazing, I don’t really like potatoes but these ones were awesome!”

Chewy No-Nut Granola Bar

These ratings were 1-5, with 5 being the highest.

Look: Five students gave it a 5, One student gave it a 4, Three students a 3 (an average of 4.2)
Taste: Seven students gave it a 5 for taste, One student gave it a 4, One student gave it a 3 (an average of 4.7)
Overall: Six students gave this meal a 5 overall, Two students a 4, One student gave it a 3 (an average of 4.6)

What they had to say: “Awesome.” “Very interesting flavor.” AMAZING! “It was a little too sweet, but overall pretty good.” “I loved it because it’s chewy, but not too chewy and sweet.” “Amazing!”

Stuffed Turkey Burger

These ratings were 1-5, with 5 being the highest.

Look: Five students gave it a 5, One student gave it a 4, Three students a 3 (an average of 4.2)
Taste: Five students gave it a 5 for taste, Four students gave it a 4 (an average of 4.6)
Overall: Six students gave this meal a 5 overall, Two students a 4, One student gave it a 3 (an average of 4.6)

What they had to say: “Excellent!” “Delicious; very good.” “I love it, the meat is so juicy, the vegetables are fresh, and just overall delicious. Turkey burger is better than regular cafeteria food!” “I like the meat and lettuce that was inside.” “I chose this because the meat was very juicy and the spinach and tomatoes were awesome.”


 For a complete list of the 4th-6th graders’ ratings and comments for all six meals including our Asian Chicken and Quinoa Salad, Steak Quesadilla With Grilled Onions and Peppers, and our Veggie Lunch Wraps: click here.

Are you interested in bringing our Kids Taste Test to your school to check out some of our fresh and healthy school lunch options? Contact us today! or 949- 415-9529. And thank you again to the amazing students, faculty, and staff of Woodbury Elementary!




Orange County School Lunch Program: Parent’s Can Be NUTS About Food Allergies – Why You Should Too

Orange County School Lunch Program: Parent’s Can Be NUTS About Food Allergies – Why You Should Too

Every parent of a school age child will attest to how common food allergies have become. Did you know that 25% of food related allergic reactions were in children with no known allergies?

This means that while a child may not have had a previous reaction, the parent should still be ready for the possibility. If a child has had even a minor allergic episode in the past, they are significantly more likely to have a major episode in the future. Orange County school lunch program providers like The Lunch MOB are working to eliminate these types of reactions by providing allergy safe food; unfortunately, not every lunch room is that lucky today. By leaving major allergens on the menus, the school districts are creating an environment that tempts children to eat food that they may have a serious reaction to. There is no way to predict when or where a child may have a food related reaction.

One of the most important things to teach children is to respect other children’s boundaries. Young students may not realize how serious a food allergy can be and pick on those with an allergy. This can lead to isolation, teasing, and bullying. In the worst case scenario, a child may eat a food that they know is not good for them in order to feel like part of the group. By teaching your child to respect their peer’s boundaries, you eliminate the opportunity for bullying. These lessons can be reinforced by working with a Orange County school lunch program provider like The Lunch MOB to create fun, allergy friendly meals that will be safe for your children to share. By providing foods with no known allergens, you will reduce the probability of causing a food related reaction in a child.

A recent study found that one in three children has been bullied for their food allergy. Food Allergy & Research Education (FARE) works to educate both parents and school districts about how serious an allergic reaction could be. This seriousness was illustrated after a first-grad Virginia student, Amarria, died after eating a peanut. The legislation at the time did not allow school staff to give a child another’s medication, even in time of crisis.

The School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act provides special grants to schools that stock the medication necessary to stop a serious allergic reaction. FARE helped push for the Epinephrine act in 2011 when food allergy research was on the rise. They were able to push through the legislation in 2012 with the help of concerned parents. Now that this legislation has passed, children like Amarria could be saved by the epinephrine that is stocked in schools around the country.

There are now hundreds of groups that work to educate family and children with allergies. They explain how to turn down tempting foods, how to choose what to eat when going out, and many other aspects of eating with a food allergy. Orange County school lunch program companies like The Lunch MOB continue to support education about food resources in schools. These companies pack and provide lunches that are allergy friendly and still kid-approved.

While you may not have a child with an allergy, your food choices still have an effect on children who do. If you are concerned about the food quality in your school, speak to the principal about a Orange County school lunch program like The Lunch MOB who will ensure all children have safe, healthy lunches.

Photo from Food Allergy Ninja

You Won’t Believe What Soda Can Do To Your Kids

As a provider of fresh and organic food, that is dedicated to titillating your child’s taste buds while stimulating their healthy development, The Lunch MOB , one of Orange County’s leading school lunch program providers, has been engrossed in research bringing light to foods that should be kept away from our loved ones. As a parent, establishing an enjoyable dietary routine for your child may be difficult. This is why you need full clarity as to what foods you need to limit your child’s consumption of, however enticing it may be.

Recent trends in the soda industry targeted at young kids have suggested steering towards the artificially sweetened stuff may be the best option for your child. This has drawn criticism from many about the drawbacks of these sweeteners as well as children’s soda consumption. On the other hand, those whose kids frequently drink the beverage feel reassured they have been provided with an alternative that may be healthier for their little ones. In the midst of this debate arose the results of a study published in The Journal Of Pediatrics, which established a clear correlation between soda consumption and aggressive behavior in children.

Can Soda Make Your Child Aggressive?

The study, conducted on 3,000 five-year-olds from around the country, observed that almost half of the children (43%), consumed at least one serving of soda a day. The study involved the mothers filling out information about their children’s diet, habits, and behavior over the course of two months.

The level of aggression their children displayed was measured on a scale of 1-100, 50 being the benchmark for average aggression levels while anything above 65 suggested worrisome aggressive behavior. The lead conductor of the study, Shakira Suglia of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public health, claims anything above the latter level (65) required an evaluation of the child for possible pathologies of violence and aggression.

Kids that drank no servings of soda scored on average 56 on the aggression scale, as opposed to a 62 for those that reportedly consumed about four servings a day. The relative similarities in all other factors relevant to the study – the tv the kids watched, the candy they ate, the hours of sleep they got – suggested a clear link between the amount of soda they drank and their aggression scores. Higher aggression levels were characterized by tendencies to destroy other children’s toys, get into fights, or attack people.

What Does This Mean For Your Kids?

Though the research shows clear patterns of aggression in kids consuming soda in high quantities, discernible differences are only present when the consumption is frequent and excessive. There is no true evidence that occasionally drinking naturally or artificially sweetened soda will have a nefarious effect on your child’s behavior. As we at The Lunch MOB attest with our carefully crafted meal and school lunch program plans, an occasional treat will neither harm your child nor decrease their interest in healthy foods. Variation is key.

Related Article: The Top 6 Snack Ideas Your Kids Will Love

It must however be noted that treating your child to their favorite soda needs to be done within reason. Besides encouraging hyper-activity, the high levels of sugar in soda can lead to obesity, diabetes, and other life-threatening issues if consumed often. Meanwhile, artificial sugar increases appetite, contributes to unhealthy dietary choices, and can become addictive.

Striking The Right Balance

As soda has no key nutrients that will help kids grow optimally, The Lunch MOB believes they shouldn’t be considered essentials to accompany your child’s meals. We think that in teaching your child to enjoy natural alternatives, you divert their interest from the soda they may have grown to love too much and steer it towards scrumptious healthy snacks involving fruits and energizing, natural sugar.

You may also consider planning when your kids should be treated with the beverage to avoid sharp peaks of energy in your child that could lead to aggression or loss of attention. Allowing soda on weekends will give them something to look forward to and they will actually be able to play the energy boost away. Should you lean more towards non-sugary alternatives, make sure they are FDA approved. It is also advisable to pick the drinks with the lowest caffeine content, as it is addictive and has a much stronger effect as a stimulant on children. Sodas do not hydrate anywhere near as much as water does, and so aren’t the best option when your kids are exercising. Though vitaminized water may appear a good option, eating The Lunch MOB’s highly nutritious meals would already provide your child with all the vitamins and energy they may need.

For more information on how The Lunch MOB helps students and parents prevent this problem, or if you are interested in any Orange County school lunch program, contact us today.

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4 Holiday Favorite Snacks Get A Healthy Makeover

As a busy parent, it is difficult at times to prepare a healthy but also nutritious snack all at the same time. You might be tempted to reach for those high calorie, sugar packed, and fat filled “quick” snacks. Keep in mind most of those items are considered “junk” food that can slow down your child’s metabolism, cause digestion problems, and making your kids sluggish and inactive. This is why The Lunch MOB is devoted to providing healthy, fresh, and tasty lunches to kids in the Orange County area.

Here at The Lunch MOB we have put together 4 quick and easy snacks that you can prepare for your kids. These are great ideas to throw into their lunches, serve at your upcoming holiday party, or simply provide after the holidays are all complete.

550_RU216415Party Cheese Ball Pops for the Holidays

Holiday party cheese ball pops are similar to the classic cheese ball. However, you can kick this cheeseball up a notch with adding the flavors of cranberries and toasted pecans that make it sweet but healthy. It is a perfect treat for the kids during the holiday parties or just as a snack.



550_102151377Bagel Buddies

Most kids despise veggies, you may even go as far as to say “hate”, simply because of the “earthy” taste, and that is why some skip their veggies or meals altogether. Bagel Buddies come with a happy smiling face to lure kids into eating their much needed veggies. For a homemade bagel buddy, spread a half piece of bagel with cream cheese (who doesn’t love cream cheese?) and trim the other half of the bagel to form a hat and fit it to the first piece you have cream cheese on. Decorate the edge of the hat with broccoli florets and press two halves of black olives to form eyes. Attach two halves of a grape tomato to the bagel to form the cheeks and complete your masterpiece with a chive smile and a bell pepper scarf.

RU194207Herb Topped Sesame Crackers

This is a very simple recipe we love here at The Lunch MOB. On your next grocery store visit, pick up some whole wheat sesame crackers, or you may also be able find gluten free ones depending on where you like to shop. Apply a thin layer of cream cheese to your sesame crackers. Then sprinkle your or your kids favorite dried herbs right on top. Change it up with some dried basil, or some dried chives. You can also find no salt dried herb mixes at the grocery store, which can result in an explosion of flavor your kids will love! Play around with different herb options until you find the ones your kids like.

550_102007735Healthy Version of a Gingerbread House

What child doesn’t love building a gingerbread house and then of course eating it right after? How about a healthy spin on a holiday kid favorite? To make this Holiday healthy version, first take some graham crackers, these will form the walls, doors, and the roof. Normally you would be reaching for the icing to bind everything together, but remember we are going for healthy here. Grab your peanut butter, or for those with a nut allergy, hummus (as long as it’s thick enough) or cheese can also be used. You can add your peanut butter or hummus and put a few scoops into a ziplock bag and seal it up. Work the peanut butter down to one corner of the bag where you will then snip off a small amount of the bags edge to create a “icing” tool. This keeps your hands clean while you are able to control where the peanut butter gets applied. To decorate, be creative! Use some healthy snacks items such as dried fruits, nuts, healthy cereals and whole wheat pretzels.

It’s important to remember a few things while trying these fun but healthy snack ideas for your kids. Be sure to get them involved. This is a great way to use these simple snacks as “teachable moments” with your kids. Helping them understand that healthy snacks not only provide fuel for their growing bodies, but also the vitamins and nutrients that their “super” minds need to grow and learn. Not only does this become a “teachable moment” but it also allows you to have some fun time with your kids. With our hectic schedules and technology that our kids often have to compete with in order to get our attention, these are the moments your kids will remember for years to come. You can also add this to or make it part of your holiday tradition moving forward.

Here at The Lunch MOB, we understand especially at this time of year things get hectic, it’s our goal to relieve some of that daily pressure from your schedule by providing healthy and nutritious meals that your kids will love and thank you for.  

Original article and photo’s from


Now Serving: Honest Kids Drinks!


The Lunch Mob is pleased to announce that we are now serving Honest Kids drinks with each of our lunches! We are excited to be serving drinks from the Honest Kids company, a company that aligns with the same values that The Lunch MOB strives for every day. The Honest Kids company shares our same passion of providing children with healthy alternatives without sacrificing taste. Serving up less calories (from 120 to 35), and a lot less sugar (from 29g to 8g), from our previous juice drinks, Honest Kids drinks are the perfect companion to our more than 60 unique, healthy school lunch options. In 2013, they removed the organic cane sugar from all Honest Kids varieties. They found a way to deliver the same great taste by sweetening the juice drinks only with fruit juice.

With a variety of flavors from “Tropical Tango Punch” to “Appley Ever After,” Honest Kids shares the same spirit in bringing fun and interactivity to lunch time. We’re excited to now serve Honest Kids juice with your children’s lunches!


Kids Eat Nutritious School Lunches Thanks to This Dad’s Secret

Ask any kid what their favorite subject in school is and they will grin ear to ear and tell you it’s lunch. While we grown-ups understand that lunch isn’t technically a subject, it’s the only thing on our children’s minds after about 9:30 a.m.

I remember growing up and feeling like lunch was the most important time of the day. It was the one thing in school other than the Book Mobile that I looked forward to. My friends and I swapped apples for raisins, PB&J for tuna salad, and chips for pretzels like it was our job. Lunch was a childhood phenomenon all on its own. From the characters on your lunchbox to whether you bought chocolate milk or had a juice box, lunch was life.

A lot has changed since the good old days when my BeeGees flip-top thermos were the talk of the town. Nowadays school lunches are overseen and scrutinized by The First Lady herself. Unfortunately, her attempt to make school lunches healthier, tastier, and more appealing to the masses was an epic failure. While Michelle Obama had good intentions, the kids weren’t buying it and started posting pictures of their “less than edible-looking” school lunches on Twitter with the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama .

There is, however, a really cool Dad who runs a blog called Lunchbox Dad who knows just how to make lunch the event kids spend all morning looking forward to. Inspired by his kid’s latest interests, this dad made packing lunches into an art form. He creates movie characters out of food and packs it in lunches for his kids. He has made banana minions, unicorn sandwiches, and even has movie themed lunches. He says all of the extra work is more than worth it to make memories for his kids and provide them with a nutritious lunch.







Most parents I talk to, however, say that their kids buy lunches at the school because they simply don’t have the time to pack lunches during the hectic morning rush much less throw in a cast of characters made from carrots and hummus. We sympathize with parents and know ourselves how difficult it is trying to find time to get it all done.

Along with time constraints, parents I have spoken with voice concerns over the types of food being offered in their children’s cafeterias. I’ve eaten lunch at my children’s schools and have experienced first-hand what is being offered in cafeterias across the country. I have also seen how much food gets wasted because kids simply don’t like it. Imagine sending your child to school and trusting that they were going to be provided with a healthy, delicious, affordable lunch that they would thoroughly enjoy.

This is where The Lunch MOB comes into play. We are a unique company that works with area schools to help provide exceptionally healthy meals for kids. The Lunch MOB meals are freshly prepared every day and can range anywhere from your child’s favorite of PB&J to a soup and salad combination. With over 60 menu items to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone. Let us do the grocery shopping, planning, cooking, cleaning up, and delivery while all you have to do is place your order. Imagine how much better you would feel knowing your children were receiving proper nutrition during their busy day.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in incorporating into your school, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would be happy to go over our menu options, pricing, and any questions you may have. Don’t allow your children to settle for being served another meal that will end up in the garbage. Call The Lunch MOB today.

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