What Do School Lunch Programs Look Like From Around the World?

Here at The Lunch MOB, we like to discuss and help educate you on why healthy school lunch programs are so important for your kids. Recently there were some photos taken of school lunch programs from around the world that were a striking contrast from what American children are eating every day at school in the U.S.

Even with the recent shift from government to get a better handle on school lunches being served to millions of children in the U.S., there are still roughly 32 million children eating unhealthy cafeteria style lunches every day. That number does not account for large number of kids attending private schools or the children who bring lunches from home. Our nation is becoming more and more aware of the childhood obesity rate in our country that has truly become an epidemic.

The Lunch MOB is a company that is looking at a fresh and unique way to not only battle this very problem in the schools with their unhealthy school lunch programs, but also to provide parents with an easier and healthier solution to the boring, brown bagged lunch alternatives. One of the biggest challenges The Lunch MOB has solved is finding fresh ingredients and nutritious foods that kids will actually eat. We have all seen the news in the last year of kids around the nation taking to Twitter and other social media channels to refuse and boycott the first lady’s push for healthy meals. As the saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.” The Lunch MOB has created more than 60 different meal choices for kids and parents to choose from, allowing even the pickiest of eaters to find something they will like.

It appears that The Lunch MOB has taken notice of school lunch programs from around the world and put their own spin on some delicious kid favorites, while providing the nutrients they need. Take a look at the following countries school lunch programs meals being served to kids:


Local caught fish served on top of a bed of arugula. freshly made pasta with a lite tomato sauce, crisp red seedless grapes, a child’s version of caprese salad, and a freshly baked baguette. Lot’s of great choices here for kids, and of course since this is Italy, you would expect to have at least one pasta dish.


Freshly cooked pea soup, whole wheat roll, carrot salad, beet salad, and pannakkau (a thin dessert pancake) topped with some fresh berries. You will notice in this meal there are no meats being served, depending on how the pea soup is cooked of course.


Apple slices, Locally made cheese, fresh green beans with seasoning, kiwi slices, and seasoned cooked carrots. You will notice with this meal that is straight forward ingredients with some seasoning. Of course you can have a meal in france without some cheese.


Black beans and rice, pork with some local veggies, whole grain roll, fresh green salad, and some baked plantains (similar to bananas). This meal is rich in local and nationally grown ingredients. This meal represents its home country very well, bright and full of life.

South Korea

Seasoned and cooked tofu over white rice, kimichi (traditionally a fermented side dish made of vegetables and a variety of seasoning), broccoli, red-yellow-green cooked peppers, and a fish soup. Notice that most of this meal is made up vegetables and grain.


Baked boneless skinless chicken breast laid atop cooked orzo (pasta that resembles rice), fresh small oranges, greek yogurt with some pomegranate seeds, cherry tomato and cucumber salad, and steamed stuffed grape leaves. This entire meal speaks to greece, especially the use of citrus and “greek” yogurt.


Cabbage salad, syrniki (a local dessert pancake), mashed potatoes with locally made sausage links, and borscht (a ukrainian soup that is usually made of beets). No doubt that this is a very simple meal, but made with locally grown and made foods.


Sauteed peeled shrimp on top of a bed of brown rice and vegetables, whole grain roll, fresh orange, fresh pepper salad, and gazpacho (this is a juice, often misidentified as a soup, made from fresh raw vegetables and served cold). Another meal made from raw and fresh ingredients.


Fried processed “popcorn” chicken with processed and sugary sauce, mashed potatoes, chocolate chip cookie, canned green peas, and canned fruit cup in syrup.

The Lunch MOB

The Lunch MOB carries more than 60 different meal choices, providing parents and kids a choice when it comes to picky eaters, while providing nutrients they need. For example, meals like, “Crunchy Oven Baked Fish Sticks,” provide a healthy alternative to regular fish sticks, this is made with firm and flaky cod fish in a seasoned mixture of low fat parmesan and whole grain breadcrumbs. Take a look at all of the options they have to offer.

It’s a bit shocking to to see so many other nations providing their school children nutritious and fresh school lunch programs, while American school kids are still being served processed and sugary foods. The Lunch MOB is hoping to change this for American families across the nation, however they believe it takes one community at a time to educate and teach parents on the quality and value that The Lunch MOB’s school lunch program provides. To learn more about The Lunch MOB, click here:

Photo’s provided by Distractify and Sweetgreen

Healthy School Lunch Delivery Program Comes To Orange County

For many busy parents the act of packing your kid’s lunch has changed from an act of love to a nagging morning chore. As parents, it is difficult not to see this daily activity as just another item on our long list of things to do. Every parent has the desire to provide their kids with the most nutritious meals possible while also giving them meals that they are happy to eat. Fortunately, the crew at The Lunch MOB has created a solution to keep kids healthy and happy while also taking out the hassle for busy, overwhelmed parents.

The Lunch MOB prepares food that is freshly made everyday. The very best ingredients are used in all meals so that a healthy school lunch delivery system is available to parents, their kids, and schools. Local private schools in the Orange County area are partnering up with this popular startup because of its well-known reputation. Through its online service parents are able to make sure that food allergies, likes, and dislikes are taken into account when ordering the meals their kids will eat throughout the week. Parents also have the ability to order food for the entire week or for any given number of days. It’s up to the parents to decide on the rate of food delivery to each child. The Lunch MOB recently released a brand new app (on Android and iOS), allowing parents to order meals for their kids anytime, anywhere. Forget to pack your kid’s lunch? Not a problem, pull out your phone or tablet and order your child a lunch on the go.

The owners of The Lunch MOB, Jonathan and Aileen Bonuan, explain that there are benefits for all those that use The Lunch MOB as a solution to school lunches; the parents, their children, and the schools. Parents are able to avoid the daily chore and hassle of preparing school lunches, children get to enjoy fresh and highly nutritious food that actually tastes good, and schools don’t have to deal with a typical lunch program.

Kids 9According to Jonathan and Aileen, The Lunch MOB relieves parents from the daily chore of creating school lunches or relying on school lunch programs to give their kids what they need. This provides peace of mind to many parents who worry about whether or not their child is getting the nutrients they need. Schools also benefit from this program as it provides an easy and healthy school lunch delivery program on a daily basis. Jonathan and Aileen take it a step further by providing a percentage of the proceeds back to the schools, allowing a win-win-win for everyone.

The Lunch MOB started with a love and passion for food and healthy eating. It began about two years ago when as a father to two growing toddlers, Jonathan, began noticing the challenges of putting together lunches for his children. In the beginning, he thought putting together lunches for his kids was an easy chore that could be accomplished with little hassle. He quickly realized how monotonous the chore was and how much of a hassle it became to find and implement healthy lunches for his kids on a daily basis. Jonathan recalls the struggle stating, “I was packing the same “vanilla” lunches every week. While my kids weren’t directly complaining, I knew they were wanting more!” Jonathan became more and more concerned about his growing kids and their nutritional needs. This led him and his wife on a mission to find more options and choices for healthy-conscious meals that his kids would actually love to eat.

Aileen, a middle school math and science teacher, rallied with Jonathan to help find a solution to this daily struggle. She quickly worked with Jonathan, and together they were able to turn their idea for healthier and more delicious lunches into a business. The passion Jonathan has for the well being of his own children made it an easy decision to leave his 20 year long career in engineering to pursue and develop The Lunch MOB. Jonathan and Aileen knew they weren’t the only parents struggling to provide their kids with deliciously healthy meals while dealing with the everyday stresses of work and life. Eventually the idea of The Lunch MOB came to life and it is beginning to positively affect the lives of parents, children, and schools.

fresh vegetables on farm table with tag and logoThe Lunch MOB program allows parents, and more importantly kids, to choose from many different varieties of healthy lunches. They say that even the pickiest eaters will certainly find something they love in this program. There are over 55 entree choices to choose from that are healthy and made daily with fresh ingredients. This provides kids the freedom to choose from a wide variety of meals and gives parents the peace of mind that quality ingredients are being served to their children. The Lunch MOB is quickly growing in the Orange County area and is becoming the healthy school lunch delivery program that private schools have been looking for.

Currently, The Lunch MOB offers its services to daycares, camps, private, and parochial schools. Unfortunately, there are numerous schools that fail to offer healthy lunches to their students. This has become a common occurrence because many schools can not substantiate the expense and overhead involved with offering such a program.

It’s good to know that there is a healthy school lunch delivery program like The Lunch MOB available for us busy parents. Programs like this give parents and their children the opportunity for a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle.

Welcome, Montessori On The Lake!

Montessori On The Lake, a school nestled in a beautiful lakeside property in Lake Forest serving children from 3 months of age through 8th grade, is The Lunch MOB’s latest partner! We are looking forward to partnering with Montessori On The Lake to provide lunches as innovative, specialized and unique as their approach and quality of education.

It’s hard to find a partner that can provide meals that you, your students, and their parents can trust. And the temptation for the easy route also exists where fast food, sugary snacks, and unhealthy processed foods can make their way into your students’ bodies. We offer a selection of high quality, made-from-scratch, nutritious meals that you can be proud of.

With over 60+ unique menu items, we’re absolutely sure that your kids will find something they’ll love! From our scrumptious entrees to our savory soups; from our hearty sandwiches to our refreshingly cool salads, there’s something for everybody. Vegetarian and nut-free items are available, too. We offer your kids’ favorites, but we also strive to always introduce new items because we believe that kids’ willingness to try new and different foods can empower a lifelong virtue of open-mindedness.

And much like the spirit of Montessori On The Lake, we bring back fun and interactivity to lunch time. Our cheerful characters of The Lunch MOB have unique stories about food that kids can relate with. And along with our board certified nutritionist, we can educate and empower you and your kids about healthy eating.

We are also committed to giving back. The founding principle of The Lunch MOB is to foster healthier eating for our kids. And so, we will do whatever we can to empower schools to follow the same. For every meal that is purchased, The Lunch MOB will donate 5 cents to the school. The more meals are purchased, the more we give back.

We are excited to be partnering with Montessori On The Lake! Would you like to try out our healthy lunch alternatives for either your children or their school? Contact us,  we would love to talk with you about all we have to offer and keeping your children healthy and happy.

Healthy School Lunch: The Hidden Horrors of Halloween

Trick-or-treating is not a completely sweet idea. The kids do go out for some fresh air, exercise by walking down the neighborhood blocks, and frolic through the darkness while getting scared witless by wandering ghosts, goblins, and B-movie monstrosities. Despite the fun to be had, the truckload of candy these kids find worries people, and for good reason.

You’re off brainstorming ideas on how to get your children a healthy school lunch, or healthy eating habits in general, and Halloween’s getting them agitated about the amount of candy they’re about to gather and guzzle down. It throws you off your game, with the chocolate bars, lollipops, rainbow candies, and candy corn seemingly raining from the sky, and you keep flashing back to that odd nightmare of cavities you had a few days ago. Cavities aren’t the only thing that lurk inside these candies, mind you.

Peanut nougat bars, such as Baby Ruth and Snickers, might be filling, quick to eat, and sweeter than your grandma after winning bingo, but most of them contain trans fats, which slay your pancreas like a stake to a vampire heart and amp your cholesterol like the voltage of a lightning rod raising a monster. Baby Ruth bars in particular have the infamous high-fructose corn syrup sweetener, which killed more people than Jason, Freddy Krueger, Jigsaw, the Queen Alien, the Predator, and the Thing put together… times 800 and then some, and yet it didn’t get a horror movie of its own, apparently. Don’t let your child become the side character in a horror flick; get rid of these poisons.

Never fear if your little angel, or monster, starts complaining that there’s no candy to eat. You don’t have to start feeling like a quarantine agent with your chocolate bar ban, as there is a healthy alternative: some candy bars market themselves as natural and relatively unprocessed, made with organic cane sugar and caramel liquor instead of high fructose corn syrup and trans fats. The Ocho candy bar is one such example, and they can also be eaten year round in a healthy school lunch or offbeat snack.

Candies like Swedish Fish or candy corn contain paraffin wax, oils, and artificial colors to keep that cute little shape.  In addition, many cheaper chocolates, such as Hershey’s also use paraffin wax, and this wax is derived from petroleum. It is indigestible, and some kids have allergies to it. If you don’t want to make exceptions for Halloween from your healthy school lunch routine, keep the candies your children receive free of unnecessary additives. An easy way to convince your kids to give up their prized Snickers bars and Skittles is to tell them to gather as many candies as they can, come back, and trade in those they found for healthy, simple candies that they can eat and enjoy without poisoning themselves.

Not only can you come out on top against the true horrors of Halloween, but you can also teach your children what is okay to eat and what isn’t. You don’t have to compromise the occasion either, as your kids can still tumble through the fog in the dark streets of Gothic England and run in terror from someone wearing a costume that’s a bit too scary, all for the sake of candy at the end of the journey. It’s just you won’t have to feel bad about sugary additives when you know exactly what your child is eating, just like for a healthy school lunch.

Healthy School Lunch Programs: 5 Healthy Creative Treats for Halloween


With Halloween lurking around the deserted street corner next to the shadowy castle on the hill, there are many fun, simple ways to channel the better spirits of All Hallow’s Eve while staying away from the ones that will rot your teeth. With the popular trend of schools taking charge in encouraging good eating with healthy school lunch programs provided by The Lunch MOB, parents can maintain this sentiment through the inevitable candy hauntings and sugar scaring.

d3f5fa09b5546a4547ffd1208ba6fdd1Tangerine Jack O’Lanterns

Jack O’Lanterns can get messy, time-consuming, and a bit frustrating to deal with. However, there’s a way to keep the amusement of those smiling pumpkins while simplifying matters by making them smaller. With a marker, you can make small jack o’lantern tangerines or oranges by drawing faces on the peel as a small surprise for your child and a bit of additional incentive for them to eat it.

Frozen-'Boo'-nana-Pops“Boo” Nana Pops

In addition to vitamin C, healthy school lunch programs make sure to give a well-rounded nutritional basis for kids to follow. Naturally, this would include potassium, and this aspect of your child’s diet can be filled with “boo”nana pops, created by Skinny Taste. Terrifying puns aside, you can fix this snack hassle-free by dipping bananas into liquid white chocolate, decorating to make them look like adorable ghosts, and freezing them overnight to be packed for tomorrow. They each only have half-an-ounce of chocolate per pop, making them much healthier than a standard chocolate bar from that shady haunted house next to the dim lamplight down the crooked street.

Cheesy-Cauliflower-Dippers1Pizza Fingers

Pizza doesn’t really grant a sense of healthy eating to many, but with new, innovative recipes and clever placement of vegetables, pizza can get as healthy as brussel sprouts doused in fish oil while actually being edible, and wonderfully so. With The Lunch MOB’s healthy school lunch programs, you can find a cauliflower bread substitute. Turn this into a splendid Frankenstein pizza creation with tomato sauce and some toppings of choice, and it becomes a lunch your children will assume to be you spoiling them because it tastes so nice. Keeping in touch with Halloween, you can theme the meal by slicing them into finger-shaped portions and tagging the top with a fingernail-shaped tomato slice, turning your kids into zombies that obtain 80% of their daily vitamin C with every serving.

5 Healthy Creative Treats for HalloweenSpooky Fruit Spider

Using a plum, three dozen grapes, and half-a-dozen toothpicks, you can spend some time connecting the fruits into a spider, with the plum sitting in the center and eight grape legs extending from the sides. The eyes can be made out of white chocolate with small raisins in the center, resulting in another harrowing snack, though this one might actually scare some people if they really don’t like spiders. Great idea from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

64-Non-Candy-Halloween-Snack-Ideas-witch-broomsCheesy Witch Brooms

Grains are an important part of healthy school lunch programs, and you can inspire a bit of Halloween spirit by turning pretzel sticks into witch brooms, created by Cocinanda Con Catman. Take a piece of cheese, cut it into a square, wrap it around the end of a pretzel stick, and keep it in place with chives as string. They look great as a party snack too, as you can lay them on a flat plate at a costume party.

Of course, it proves difficult to be creative with snacks and lunches with busy schedules and lots to do at home.The Lunch MOB can help you keep your children healthy with artisan, tasty meals delivered every school day — put together from scratch using ingredients from local growers — and it’s sure to free up a bit of time for your clever ideas, regardless of the season.

Fresh School Lunches: The Top 6 Snack Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Usually, parents find it difficult to prepare quick and easy snacks for kids who attend school on a daily basis. Whether you’re a single parent, both of you work full time, or simply have a busy schedule, it’s understandable why parents often reach for and prepare the boring and dreaded old brown bagged lunch. For this reason we have come up with six fast, healthy, and simple snacks ideas that not only will provide the nutrients for the growing bodies and minds of your children, but also snacks ideas they will love! Put down the brown bags and let’s get started with helping put together some fresh school lunches for your kids.

Six Great Snacks for Kids

It is time you should replace those unhealthy, mid-day snacks with healthy options for your kids so they remain happy and active at all times. It is advised that every parent gives their children of any age fresh school lunches that have moderate amounts of calories in order to keep them healthy.

Whole Grain Cereal

Photo by Tina Rupp
Photo by Tina Rupp

The whole grain cereal meal incorporates essential nutrients such as, calcium, fiber, and vitamins. A bowl of improved whole grain with fruit and milk is an energy packed, healthy snack that will help the kids start their day with an energized smile. For an appetizing fun twist, try combing whole grain cereal with yogurt and dried strawberries.


Photo by Paula Hible
Photo by Paula Hible

Cheese is a kid-friendly snack and contains the protein content that helps to boost energy and hold kids over until dinner time. When preparing this yummy snack be sure to choose salt-free and low-fat cheese. Create some fun by cutting the cheese into your child’s favorite Disney character or possibly their beloved Super Hero with a shaped cookie cutter.


Photo by Parent.com

Photo by Parent.com

Kids go wild over these yummy treats that are packed with vital nutrients and nourishment that their growing bodies and minds need. Try non-fat vanilla yogurt, banana, and pure orange juice as the base of the smoothies. Then add a mixture of frozen or fresh fruits to give it a bit of a kick. Want to be a little sneaky? Add in frozen or fresh spinach. Be careful not to add too much of the veggies since most kids have great taste buds and are able weed out any veggie push. Start with small amounts and build up overtime to get them familiar with the healthy tastes and they will begin to enjoy this combo even into their college and adult years. If they ask why it’s green, convince them it’s special HULK juice that only the strongest kids on the block drink! This is a wonderful way to include more than two servings of fiber, fruits and veggies into your kid’s regimen.


Photo by Paula Hible

Photo by Paula Hible

As parents we usually like grabbing the easy to handle and longer shelf life fruits, such as bananas and apples. Although these fruits have longer self life they do not compare to the rich vitamin C that kids will receive from consuming strawberries. A cup of strawberries surprisingly contains more vitamin C than an equal portion of oranges. Strawberries also contain a healthy dose of folate and other nutrients that help kids maintain a healthy heart. Another benefit to this super fruit is that it also has been known to naturally whiten teeth. Instead of the boring old Peanut Butter and Jelly, why not give a bit of flare to this old staple. Resist the urge to reach and grab the jelly next time and put fresh slices of strawberry in the sandwich instead. Fresh strawberries are a great substitute to jellies that contain too much sugar. Not only is this a great snack idea, but it can also be put into your kids fresh school lunches.

Wholesome Baked Goods

Photo by Parents.com

Photo by Parents.com

Muffins are a great vehicle for parents to use as a way to sneak in some healthy veggies. The strong flavors of veggies can be masked by fruit and other ingredients such as in baked goods and your kids never have to know the real ingredients. Carrot bars, banana bread, and zucchini muffins are among some of the top picks for kids and baked goods with added veggies. If you really want to throw your kids off the scent, why not give them Sweet Potato Brownie Bites? Not even adults will be able to tell the difference with this craft creation.

Chocolate Coconut Granola

Photo by The Lunch MOB

Photo by The Lunch MOB

Kick your boring old granola routine up a notch with this Chocolate Coconut Granola from The Lunch MOB. Let’s face it, as parents we don’t always have time, even though we have the best intentions, to provide the healthy snack options for our kids. That’s where The Lunch MOB comes in, by providing fresh and daily made healthy options that kids actually love! This version of the classic adult favorite has been converted for kids of all ages to enjoy. Oats, shredded coconut, cocoa powder, ground flax seeds, extra virgin coconut oil, and mini chocolate chips. A protein and fiber-rich homemade snack that your kids will love, while providing the nutrients they need to make it through their school day.

For more information and helpful tips on fresh school lunches for your school kids, keep checking back as we will be posting more ideas in this series of healthy and nourishing snack ideas that your kids will actually eat and love. To learn more about The Lunch MOB and how they can help you do away with the boring and dreaded bagged lunches, visit their site at www.TheLunchMOB.co.


Photo’s by Parents.com & The Lunch MOB

Welcome, San Clemente Christian School!

We are excited to announce we will now be serving San Clemente Christian School as our latest customer! We are happy to be working with the school to provide quality and nutritious meals for students as well as their excellent faculty and staff.

We handle it all for you. From ordering, cooking, cleaning, billing, and delivery, we make the entire process of providing a meal easy and seamless. Our food is freshly prepared in a commercial kitchen and carried in proper warming/cooling units ensuring freshness at arrival. And every meal also comes with a choice of cold drink, a serving of fresh fruit or vegetable, and snack.

The founding principle of The Lunch MOB is to foster healthier eating for our kids. And so, we will do whatever we can to empower schools to follow the same. For every meal that is purchased, The Lunch MOB will donate 5 cents to the school. The more meals are purchased, the more we give back.

We are honored to partner with San Clemente Christian School! Would you like to try out our healthy lunch alternatives for either your children or their school? Contact us,  we would love to talk with you about all we have to offer and keeping your children healthy and happy.

Dino Dash 2015


Come join us for a fun-filled family event, the 25th annual Dino Dash, Sunday, November 1 at The Market Place in Tustin! We’re proud to be one of this year’s sponsors, all proceeds benefit the Tustin Public Schools Foundation and local public schools. There is lots of fun for all ages including several races such as Adult 2K, 5K, and 10K races, a 15-50K youth bike tour, as well as 2K, 5K, and 10K races for youth. There will also be fun activities for the kiddos and lots of great food. We’ll also have a booth where you can sample some of our wonderful healthy lunch options, so stop by and see us! Learn more about this event in this video above and at their official website.