November Coloring Page & Word Puzzle

It’s Thanksgiving break for a lot of kids this week. Are you looking for some great ways to keep them busy? Download this fun Thanksgiving-themed word search puzzle and coloring page. While it won’t keep the kids busy all week, it may help with a few hours. Check back tomorrow for another fun The Lunch MOB […]

Welcome, Sunflower Montessori School!

The Lunch Mob is pleased to announce their latest school partner and customer, Sunflower Montessori School in Mission Viejo! With a mission as unique and child-focused as the Montessori method, we are looking forward to partnering with a school that teaches many of the same principles and values we have built our school lunch program […]

What Do School Lunch Programs Look Like From Around the World?

Here at The Lunch MOB, we like to discuss and help educate you on why healthy school lunch programs are so important for your kids. Recently there were some photos taken of school lunch programs from around the world that were a striking contrast from what American children are eating every day at school in […]

Healthy School Lunch Delivery Program Comes To Orange County

For many busy parents the act of packing your kid’s lunch has changed from an act of love to a nagging morning chore. As parents, it is difficult not to see this daily activity as just another item on our long list of things to do. Every parent has the desire to provide their kids […]

Welcome, Montessori On The Lake!

Montessori On The Lake, a school nestled in a beautiful lakeside property in Lake Forest serving children from 3 months of age through 8th grade, is The Lunch MOB’s latest partner! We are looking forward to partnering with Montessori On The Lake to provide lunches as innovative, specialized and unique as their approach and quality […]

Healthy School Lunch: The Hidden Horrors of Halloween

Trick-or-treating is not a completely sweet idea. The kids do go out for some fresh air, exercise by walking down the neighborhood blocks, and frolic through the darkness while getting scared witless by wandering ghosts, goblins, and B-movie monstrosities. Despite the fun to be had, the truckload of candy these kids find worries people, and […]

Healthy School Lunch Programs: 5 Healthy Creative Treats for Halloween

With Halloween lurking around the deserted street corner next to the shadowy castle on the hill, there are many fun, simple ways to channel the better spirits of All Hallow’s Eve while staying away from the ones that will rot your teeth. With the popular trend of schools taking charge in encouraging good eating with […]

Fresh School Lunches: The Top 6 Snack Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Usually, parents find it difficult to prepare quick and easy snacks for kids who attend school on a daily basis. Whether you’re a single parent, both of you work full time, or simply have a busy schedule, it’s understandable why parents often reach for and prepare the boring and dreaded old brown bagged lunch. For […]

Welcome, San Clemente Christian School!

We are excited to announce we will now be serving San Clemente Christian School as our latest customer! We are happy to be working with the school to provide quality and nutritious meals for students as well as their excellent faculty and staff. We handle it all for you. From ordering, cooking, cleaning, billing, and […]

Dino Dash 2015

Come join us for a fun-filled family event, the 25th annual Dino Dash, Sunday, November 1 at The Market Place in Tustin! We’re proud to be one of this year’s sponsors, all proceeds benefit the Tustin Public Schools Foundation and local public schools. There is lots of fun for all ages including several races such […]