Now Serving: Honest Kids Drinks!


The Lunch Mob is pleased to announce that we are now serving Honest Kids drinks with each of our lunches! We are excited to be serving drinks from the Honest Kids company, a company that aligns with the same values that The Lunch MOB strives for every day. The Honest Kids company shares our same passion of providing children with healthy alternatives without sacrificing taste. Serving up less calories (from 120 to 35), and a lot less sugar (from 29g to 8g), from our previous juice drinks, Honest Kids drinks are the perfect companion to our more than 60 unique, healthy school lunch options. In 2013, they removed the organic cane sugar from all Honest Kids varieties. They found a way to deliver the same great taste by sweetening the juice drinks only with fruit juice.

With a variety of flavors from “Tropical Tango Punch” to “Appley Ever After,” Honest Kids shares the same spirit in bringing fun and interactivity to lunch time. We’re excited to now serve Honest Kids juice with your children’s lunches!