Welcome, Sunflower Montessori School!


The Lunch Mob is pleased to announce their latest school partner and customer, Sunflower Montessori School in Mission Viejo!

With a mission as unique and child-focused as the Montessori method, we are looking forward to partnering with a school that teaches many of the same principles and values we have built our school lunch program on.

It’s hard to find a partner that can provide meals that faculty, students, and their parents can trust. We offer a selection of high quality, made-from-scratch, nutritious meals that you can be proud of.

We handle it all for you. From ordering, cooking, cleaning, billing, and delivery, we make the entire process of providing a meal easy and seamless. Our food is freshly prepared in a commercial kitchen and carried in proper warming/cooling units ensuring freshness at arrival. And every meal also comes with a choice of cold drink, a serving of fresh fruit or vegetable, and snack.

And much like the spirit of Sunflower Montessori School, we are passionate about empowering children to learn and grow at their own pace. We bring back fun and interactivity to lunch time. Our cheerful characters of The Lunch MOB have unique stories about food that kids can relate with. And along with our board certified nutritionist, we can educate and empower you and your kids about healthy eating and help them develop habits that can last for a lifetime.

We are also committed to giving back. The founding principle of The Lunch MOB is to foster healthier eating for our kids. And so, we will do whatever we can to encourage schools to follow the same. For every meal that is purchased, The Lunch MOB will donate 5 cents to the school. The more meals are purchased, the more we give back.

With more than 60+ unique menu items, we’re absolutely sure that your kids will find something they’ll love! We offer your kids’ favorites, but we also strive to always introduce new items because we believe that kids’ willingness to try new and different foods can empower a lifelong virtue of open-mindedness, a virtue that also closely aligns with the vision of Montessori schools.

With an unwillingness to compromise, much like the “Montessori Difference,” The Lunch Mob is revolutionizing the world of school lunches, one meal at a time. Every parent has the desire to provide their kids with the most nutritious meals possible while also giving them meals that they are happy to eat, yet they often lack the time to do so with the demands of their schedules.

Fortunately, the crew at The Lunch MOB has created a solution to keep kids healthy and happy, while also taking out the hassle for busy parents and we’ve now brought our healthy school lunch service to Orange County.

We are honored to partner with Sunflower Montessori School! Would you like to try out our healthy lunch alternatives for either your children or their school? Contact us,  we would love to talk with you about all we have to offer.

Fresh School Lunches: The Top 6 Snack Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Usually, parents find it difficult to prepare quick and easy snacks for kids who attend school on a daily basis. Whether you’re a single parent, both of you work full time, or simply have a busy schedule, it’s understandable why parents often reach for and prepare the boring and dreaded old brown bagged lunch. For this reason we have come up with six fast, healthy, and simple snacks ideas that not only will provide the nutrients for the growing bodies and minds of your children, but also snacks ideas they will love! Put down the brown bags and let’s get started with helping put together some fresh school lunches for your kids.

Six Great Snacks for Kids

It is time you should replace those unhealthy, mid-day snacks with healthy options for your kids so they remain happy and active at all times. It is advised that every parent gives their children of any age fresh school lunches that have moderate amounts of calories in order to keep them healthy.

Whole Grain Cereal

Photo by Tina Rupp
Photo by Tina Rupp

The whole grain cereal meal incorporates essential nutrients such as, calcium, fiber, and vitamins. A bowl of improved whole grain with fruit and milk is an energy packed, healthy snack that will help the kids start their day with an energized smile. For an appetizing fun twist, try combing whole grain cereal with yogurt and dried strawberries.


Photo by Paula Hible
Photo by Paula Hible

Cheese is a kid-friendly snack and contains the protein content that helps to boost energy and hold kids over until dinner time. When preparing this yummy snack be sure to choose salt-free and low-fat cheese. Create some fun by cutting the cheese into your child’s favorite Disney character or possibly their beloved Super Hero with a shaped cookie cutter.


Photo by Parent.com

Photo by Parent.com

Kids go wild over these yummy treats that are packed with vital nutrients and nourishment that their growing bodies and minds need. Try non-fat vanilla yogurt, banana, and pure orange juice as the base of the smoothies. Then add a mixture of frozen or fresh fruits to give it a bit of a kick. Want to be a little sneaky? Add in frozen or fresh spinach. Be careful not to add too much of the veggies since most kids have great taste buds and are able weed out any veggie push. Start with small amounts and build up overtime to get them familiar with the healthy tastes and they will begin to enjoy this combo even into their college and adult years. If they ask why it’s green, convince them it’s special HULK juice that only the strongest kids on the block drink! This is a wonderful way to include more than two servings of fiber, fruits and veggies into your kid’s regimen.


Photo by Paula Hible

Photo by Paula Hible

As parents we usually like grabbing the easy to handle and longer shelf life fruits, such as bananas and apples. Although these fruits have longer self life they do not compare to the rich vitamin C that kids will receive from consuming strawberries. A cup of strawberries surprisingly contains more vitamin C than an equal portion of oranges. Strawberries also contain a healthy dose of folate and other nutrients that help kids maintain a healthy heart. Another benefit to this super fruit is that it also has been known to naturally whiten teeth. Instead of the boring old Peanut Butter and Jelly, why not give a bit of flare to this old staple. Resist the urge to reach and grab the jelly next time and put fresh slices of strawberry in the sandwich instead. Fresh strawberries are a great substitute to jellies that contain too much sugar. Not only is this a great snack idea, but it can also be put into your kids fresh school lunches.

Wholesome Baked Goods

Photo by Parents.com

Photo by Parents.com

Muffins are a great vehicle for parents to use as a way to sneak in some healthy veggies. The strong flavors of veggies can be masked by fruit and other ingredients such as in baked goods and your kids never have to know the real ingredients. Carrot bars, banana bread, and zucchini muffins are among some of the top picks for kids and baked goods with added veggies. If you really want to throw your kids off the scent, why not give them Sweet Potato Brownie Bites? Not even adults will be able to tell the difference with this craft creation.

Chocolate Coconut Granola

Photo by The Lunch MOB

Photo by The Lunch MOB

Kick your boring old granola routine up a notch with this Chocolate Coconut Granola from The Lunch MOB. Let’s face it, as parents we don’t always have time, even though we have the best intentions, to provide the healthy snack options for our kids. That’s where The Lunch MOB comes in, by providing fresh and daily made healthy options that kids actually love! This version of the classic adult favorite has been converted for kids of all ages to enjoy. Oats, shredded coconut, cocoa powder, ground flax seeds, extra virgin coconut oil, and mini chocolate chips. A protein and fiber-rich homemade snack that your kids will love, while providing the nutrients they need to make it through their school day.

For more information and helpful tips on fresh school lunches for your school kids, keep checking back as we will be posting more ideas in this series of healthy and nourishing snack ideas that your kids will actually eat and love. To learn more about The Lunch MOB and how they can help you do away with the boring and dreaded bagged lunches, visit their site at www.TheLunchMOB.co.


Photo’s by Parents.com & The Lunch MOB