The Lunch MOB Turns One

This husband and wife team have a lot to celebrate. Happy 1st Birthday to The Lunch MOB!

A year ago today, The Lunch MOB was born.  The idea of making fresh, healthy food convenient for parents and kids finally took shape.  Fast forward a year and The Lunch MOB has become a staple in Orange County, serving over 10,000 meals to many thankful students in their community.  

Today, The Lunch MOB is partnered with several private and public charter schools and they’re not slowing down anytime soon.  In fact, the owners have vouched to continue donating a portion of their proceeds.  For every meal that is purchased, a little something goes back to the schools.  Did you know that this charitable model has been in practice since day one?

We thought it was a good time to sit down with one of the owners to find out what else they’ve been hiding up their sleeves.  Here’s our interview with Jonathan Bonuan:

Looking back, what are the founders of The Lunch MOB most proud of accomplishing in the last year?

We took a concept, applied it to a new business idea, took some risks, and executed.  I think it’s somewhat easy to come up with ideas, but it’s not so easy to build on it.  There’s a lot of hard work and attention to detail that goes into running a business so we’re proud that we stayed diligent to get to the point we’re at today. Plus, we’re extremely proud of what we’re doing which is serving healthy, made-from-scratch, wholesome lunches to school children who may not necessarily be used to seeing this stuff in their own cafeterias or lunch boxes.

Where does The Lunch MOB get its menu inspiration from?

Honestly, I just find recipes of food that I like and adapt them to what I think kids would like (my kids are my guinea pigs too).  While we have your standard grub like chicken strips, mac & cheese, and spaghetti, we like expanding our menu items to things that are not in your everyday repertoire. We also like getting creative with the help of our very experienced in-house chefs.

What kind of feedback have you gotten from your customers?

Feedback has been very positive.  Parents, especially the busy ones, love us since we make things convenient through our website and mobile app.  Everyone loves our daily selections and schools have even thanked us for being a better alternative.  For me, since I hand out lunches at one of our schools, I get to see how excited and happy the kids are when they come running to my table to get their lunch trays.  That’s pretty rewarding.

If you live in Orange County, CA and would like further information on how to get your school to partner with The Lunch MOB, please email support@www.thelunchmob.com.