The Lunch MOB Welcomes McDowell School!


McDowell Private Preschool-Elementary School, one of Southern California’s premier private schools located in the beautiful city of Laguna Niguel, is the Lunch MOB’s latest school, customer, and partner!

We are honored to have the opportunity to work with a school that values excellence and partnerships as much as we do. One of the things that sets McDowell School apart is the way their community of parents, staff and students partner to create a culture which inspires academic excellence while instilling character traits necessary for our future leaders in an ever-changing world.

Our approach to an innovative healthy school lunch service is one in the same. The Lunch MOB seeks to empower parents, students, and schools to foster a healthier lifestyle. It’s hard to find a partner that can provide meals that you, your students, and their parents can trust. We offer a selection of high quality, made-from-scratch, nutritious meals that you can be proud of.

With more than 60+ unique menu items, we’re absolutely sure that your kids will find something they’ll love! From our scrumptious entrees to our savory soups; from our hearty sandwiches to our refreshingly cool salads, there’s something for everybody. We offer your kids’ favorites, but we also strive to always introduce new items because we believe that kids’ willingness to try new and different foods can empower a lifelong virtue of open-mindedness.

We handle it all for you. From ordering, cooking, cleaning, billing, and delivery, we make the entire process of providing a meal easy and seamless. Our food is freshly prepared in a commercial kitchen and carried in proper warming/cooling units ensuring freshness at arrival. And every meal also comes with a choice of cold drink, a serving of fresh fruit or vegetable, and snack.

The founding principle of The Lunch MOB is to foster healthier eating for our kids. And so, we will do whatever we can to empower schools to follow the same. For every meal that is purchased, The Lunch MOB will donate 5 cents to the school. The more meals are purchased, the more we give back.

And much like the spirit of McDowell School, we are passionate about empowering children to learn and grow at their own pace. We bring back fun and interactivity to lunch time. Our cheerful characters of The Lunch MOB have unique stories about food that kids can relate with. And along with our board certified nutritionist, we can educate and empower you and your kids about healthy eating and help them develop habits that can last for a lifetime.

We are happy to be working with the school to provide quality and nutritious meals for students as well as their excellent faculty and staff. Would you like to try out our healthy lunch alternatives for either your children or their school? Contact us,  we would love to talk with you about all we have to offer and keeping your children healthy and happy.