Ultimately, It’s All About You

  • YOU know that there are healthier options than PB&J, pizza, and frozen nuggets. There are.
  • YOU know that there has to be an easier way to have lunches ready for the kids. There is!
  • YOU know that your child would probably trade in that meal you’ve prepared for a not-so “Happy” one down the street…

That is why The Lunch MOB is here!

What Makes Us Different?

  • Putting a healthy twist on kids’ favorites like burgers and pasta
  • Regularly offering “non-beige” and colorful “adult” entrees, keeping in mind a child’s developing palate
  • Our Lunch MOB characters create a story about healthy choices that kids can relate to

A lifelong habit of open-mindedness starts with kids’ willingness to try new and different foods at a young age.

An Engineer, now inspired chef.

It was 2014 when new dad, Jonathan, started preparing lunches for his two rambunctious toddlers, Jonah and Liam, to take to daycare. At first, he was happy-go-lucky thinking he was doing well. But then happy-go-lucky turned into a boring routine after noticing he was packing the same 3 to 5 “vanilla” meals each week. More importantly, he became increasingly concerned about his growing boys’ nutritional needs, leading him to explore a variety of tastier and more health-conscious meals.

A Schoolteacher, now feeding hungry kids.

His wife Aileen, a sixth grade math and science teacher, noticed Jonathan’s creativity and passion for kids’ food blossoming. Soon after, she encouraged him to turn it into a business. Jonathan hesitated leaving behind a fruitful 20-year engineering career. But deep down, he knew he could help many families who also struggled to put a variety of delicious and healthy meals together, especially with their very hectic and busy schedules. The idea of a company that enables parents to provide fresh, deliciously healthy, AND fun school lunches, led to the birth of The Lunch MOB.

Who is The Lunch MOB?

Maya, Orlando, and Bali are the 3 characters that make up The “MOB.” They travel around the country with their four-legged pug, Dougie Fresh. They love to eat, they love to share what they eat, and they love learning about what other kids everywhere eat, too. Most importantly, they help kids make better choices when it comes to food – whether it’s their lunch or just a snack.

Maya is the girl with a sweet tooth. Fortunately, she loves a cookie just as much as she loves a juicy, crunchy, sweet apple. Orlando, or “O” as his friends sometimes call him, is the typical picky eater who sticks to safe, “beige-colored” foods like chicken and French fries. It takes a little bit more convincing for him to try something different. The kid with the more adventurous taste buds, who’s also the leader of the group, is Bali. Although he’ll eat almost anything, he’s not a big fan of tomatoes and he’s allergic to peanut butter. Last, but not least, is Dougie Fresh, the super adorable pug with the curly tail. When it comes to food, he loves to be the first one to get a taste and the last one who makes sure it does not go to waste.

Stay tuned to find out what they’re up to.