School Lunch Program

School Lunch Program

There is a crisis facing your child’s school lunch program. Food options are often boring or unappealing to students, the quantity of food provided is often inadequate, and many times the food is simply taken from a box or a can and reheated or processed and then served to your children. Our kids deserve better than this. Parents are at their wit’s ends trying to provide wholesome meals while staying within their schedule and budget. It seems like a no-win situation…until now.
We’d like to introduce you to the latest school lunch program called The Lunch MOB. The Lunch MOB is unique for many reasons. First, we offer a wide variety of fresh, delicious options for your child to enjoy. Second, we make ordering a snap with our mobile app. Lastly, we educate children about the importance of good nutrition through the adventures of our Lunch MOB crew.
Our company has gone to great lengths to provide parents and schools with a fun way to approach the area of school lunches. The Lunch MOB is no ordinary school lunch program in that we do all the work, while you and your children reap the rewards. We are parents as well, and we fully understand how challenging it can be to provide a school lunch that appeals to your child and yet is nutritious and wholesome. By providing our customers with an extensive menu well in advance, we take the guesswork out of putting together your child’s lunches.
Parents all over the country have spoken. They are fed up with the basic school lunch program that provides little for their children. Parents wanted options, ease of use, and nutrition; we provided the solution.
Stop struggling with your student’s lunch. Contact us at The Lunch MOB and let us show you how simple, fun, and exciting providing a proper school lunch can be. We work with individual parents as well as schools, so be sure to ask about the various programs we offer. We at The Lunch MOB take your child’s needs very seriously. We would be honored to work with you and your school to raise the bar on your school lunch program.