School Lunch Services: The Effects of Unhealthy School Lunches

In recent years, the government has cracked down on the quality of school lunches provided by public school lunch services, trying to provide America’s children with healthier options. In 2012, the government introduced some changes in their school lunch programs. There were some good updates like the inclusion of healthy fruits in the meal, lowering the quantity of sodium and fat in the meals, and also serving different kinds of meals to different grades of students. However, budget constraints and bureaucracy leave many kids with unappetizing, unripe, and overall unappealing options (if healthier). Because of this, many students skip lunch, eat less, or begrudgingly take the food, which is still often of lower quality and health standards than a growing child requires.  

The biggest effects of unhealthy school lunch services:


A big reason why there has been a steady increase in obese school students nowadays is in part because of unhealthy school meals. Almost one third of children in the USA are suffering from obesity. Although the government has recently regulated the calorie intake of the students, many are left unsatisfied but unappealing options and leave school only to binge on unhealthy snacks to make up for it.

Long Term Health Problems

Obesity is not the only risk. Any student who consumes too much of fast and processed foods can develop a lot of serious problems in the future. The risk of suffering from heart diseases, diabetes, and even cancer will increase. If the intake of vitamins and minerals is very low, then the students may end up getting tired and will struggle to take part in sports or physical activity only exacerbating the problem.

Mental Problems

Unhealthy school lunches can also mentally affect your students. Students eating healthy foods are found to be academically brighter. Unhealthy lunches decrease brain power and can also cause memory loss. Poor eating habits can also affect a child’s sleeping patterns, which may influence the student’s behavior and academic performance.

However, some school lunch services, such as THE LUNCH MOB, provide an alternative solution to the problem of unhealthy school lunches. THE LUNCH MOB provides school lunch services that are of the highest quality.

Benefits of THE LUNCH MOB:

High-Quality Meals

They always make sure that the lunch given to the students is of the highest quality and contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. There are no trans fats or unnecessary preservatives in their meals. All high quality ingredients are used. freshness and ripeness are of the highest concern so that meals are appealing while also providing key nutrients. The meals are also cooked in a healthy environment and the students will clearly be able to taste the difference once it’s lunch time.


Their school lunch services includes everything from cooking, cleaning, delivery, and also billing. You don’t have to worry about anything. This provides healthy meals to children while providing time to parents in the morning without having to hurriedly pack a meal. They also make sure that the food is delivered to the schools in clean containers.


They have more than sixty different kinds of unique items. From their delicious soups to their healthy sandwiches, there is something for every student. They also have separate meals made for vegetarian students.

The Lunch MOB provides a quality solution to a real problem. If you feel that your child may not be getting the necessary nutrients in their school lunch, but you lack the time, knowledge, or skill to make attractive and healthy meals for them, then they provide the necessary solution with their school lunch services.